10 Tips From the Dex Media QR Code Webinar

A recent Dex Media webinar, “Increase Your Business by Using Quick Response Codes,” gave local businesses the 10 Tips From the Dex One QR Code Webinarlowdown on QR codes, thanks to Anne Doty, a Dex One product manager who is launching the company’s QR code initiative, and Whitney Hillyer, director of account management and client services of Scanbuy, a mobile barcode solutions company.

To start, the two women filled in attendees on smartphone and QR code usage.

  • 1 in 3 would give up chocolate over cellphones.
  • There were 31 million scans in 2011.
  • 72% are more likely to remember an advertisement when they scanned a QR code, according to 1to1 Media.
  • Currently, men do 63% of the scanning, but women are expected to surpass them in the near future because they make more purchasing decisions.
  • 53% scan QR codes to get a coupon or discount, according to a survey in 2011 by eMarketer.

Next, the presenters got into the specifics of building and understanding QR codes.

  • QR codes should be at least 1-by-1-inches with one-tenth of an inch of space on all sides. The background should be white or light to make them easily scanable.
  • It’s important to test the QR code on different types of smartphones — it may work on some but not others.
  • If there’s enough space in your ad, tell readers to download a scanner to scan your  QR code. When an ad includes this instruction, Scanbuy says there’s an increase in scans.
  • If you have a one-eighth page ad or larger in the Dex directory pages, you get a free QR code with your ad.
  • An additional benefit: While print directories and ads are static, QR codes connect to online content that can be updated and changed to reflect new products or deals.

One of the main takeaways: Every scan is a lead to your business — and a lead you might not have gotten without the QR code.