April Fools' Day pranks today

April Fools’ Day is sometimes called All Fools’ Day and has been recognized and celebrated since the Middle Ages (or possibly earlier). In honor of April Fools’ day, we have rounded up some of the most clever pranks we’ve seen today.

Cheeteau from Frito Lay
Frito Lay announced that they were launching a new “limited-edition fragrance that celebrates the irreverent, intriguing and playful nature of the iconic feline with a scent bold enough to excite and delight.”

Cheeteau April Fools' Day

KFC’s Mighty Mouth Expander
In order to accommodate the enormous size of their Mighty Burger, they came up with a device to make your mouth bigger. And it’s dishwasher safe.

KFC's Mouth Expander

Virgin America and Nest
The CEOs of Virgin America and Nest announced that each passenger on Virgin America can control their own climate with settings for Cancun Afternoon, Standard Day in Los Angeles, and the Chicago Polar Vortex.

Virgin America and Nest

The Herbal Essences ‘Stache
Herbal Essences asks “Is the hair on your head too far from your nose?” They have “pre-scented lady lip wigs featuring your favorite Herbal fragrances from their ‘stache collection.

April Fools' Day Business Pranks

Rosetta Stone for Klingon
Trekkies have long been interested in learning Klingon, and now ThinkGeek is making that possible with their special Rosetta Stone version.

Rosetta Stone for Klingon

Domino’s Edibox
Presenting the “snackaging” innovation from Domino’s Pizza: the Edibox, an edible box for your delivered pizza.

Domino's Edibox