Beacon Technology a New Alternative to GPS

With the advent of mobile technology and other modern conveniences, it’s a fair assumption that most people spend a lot of time indoors. That’s one of the reasons why many experts believe beacon technology is the next big thing for business — the wave of the future, pun intended. Beacon technology uses low-powered radio waves that allow Bluetooth-enabled smart phones and other electronic devices to communicate with them. They are a great alternative to GPS technology that is often hampered while indoors.

“Beacon technology will improve the way consumers use smart phones and transform numerous industries by solving the indoor geo-location challenge. It has great potential to facilitate better mobile payments thereby disrupting the whole credit card ecosystem because of its range,” said Kirsten Osolind, President and COO of re:invention consulting.

Industries that could greatly benefit from this new technology are grocers and big-box retailers.  In this scenario, beacons could be placed in store aisles and once a customer approaches, flash sales or information on the products in that aisle could be sent to their smart device.

But beacon technology is not completely foolproof and has some downsides. Customers must have the business’ app installed, have their Bluetooth enabled, and must agree to accept signals from a beacon.


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