Advertising Advice

Whether it’s free or paid, advertising your business is a strategic part of your overall marketing plan. These blog posts by our subject matter experts touch on what’s happening in local advertising. Mobile, print, online, radio, TV, direct mail, email, offers… how are you using these types of advertising?

How will your spending change in the next 12 months?

Survey: SMBs Share Their Advertising Strategy

This month we surveyed small businesses, asking them 7 basic questions about their advertising/marketing strategy right now and for the next 12 months. These are all local businesses across the U.S., and we found the results interesting, so we wanted to share the details. 1. Thinking about all the companies you buy advertising from, which of…continue reading …

Be where your customers are searching

Think You Know How Consumers Search for Your Business?

You might be surprised. Marketing research experts, Market Authority, have been interviewing consumers for the past 5 years, zeroing in on how they search for and select businesses. They have conducted nearly 350,000 live interviews with consumers in both rural and metro U.S. communities. It’s no secret that we live in a smartphone-dominated world, and we…continue reading …


Free Advertising for Small Businesses

The Top Ten List Free Listings for Establishing Your Presence in the Digital World It is a popular and widely accepted benchmark that small businesses should spend between five to ten percent of their sales revenue in promoting and advertising their business each year. For their advertising dollars, owners aim at a mix of the highest…continue reading …

Seasons Illustrated by Trees

Using Seasonal Data to Boost Your Online Ads

It can sometimes be tempting to let your online advertising campaigns run on auto-pilot, especially when they seem to be performing well. You should always try to resist that urge, though, because your competition may be ready to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise while you rest on your laurels. Such opportunities are often…continue reading …

Detail of Photo by Sergei Zolkin from Unsplash

How to Find Free Stock Photos That Look Like Paid

Your usual choices on free stock photography sites: pictures of dollar signs falling from the sky, close-ups on two hands shaking, or models who look so perfect in their perfect surroundings they may actually be pod people from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. So we are beholden to Plato Web Design and Red Website Design for…continue reading …