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Whether it’s free or paid, advertising your business is a strategic part of your overall marketing plan. These blog posts by our subject matter experts touch on what’s happening in local advertising. Mobile, print, online, radio, TV, direct mail, email, offers… how are you using these types of advertising?

Phone Directories Sustainability Facts & Figures

Yes, Virginia, People Still Use Phone Books [Infographic]

We sometimes hear from folks who tell us that we are “crazy” or “out of touch” or they want to know where they can recycle these “relics” that have been deposited on their front porches. Others chastise us for “wasting trees” or being environmentally insensitive by publishing books that “no one uses”. No one is…continue reading …

Top Ten gold text

The Top 10 Infographics of 2015 (So Far…)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this may well be our most epic blog post to date. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some popular infographics that we’ve culled from all over the Web. Enjoy!   10. Buying Local This enlightening infographic from CustomMade illustrates how buying from locally owned, independent…continue reading …

Clicking on Smartphone Screen

3 New Rules to Improve Google’s Display Ad Clicks

Google recently announced that it would be improving the quality of clicks coming from their display ad network. They’ll accomplish this by making it harder for users to accidentally click on an ad. The Accidental Click Problem We’ve all been there. You’re surfing the Internet, chuckling to yourself while you find out what cats are up to…continue reading …

How will your spending change in the next 12 months?

Survey: SMBs Share Their Advertising Strategy

This month we surveyed small businesses, asking them 7 basic questions about their advertising/marketing strategy right now and for the next 12 months. These are all local businesses across the U.S., and we found the results interesting, so we wanted to share the details. 1. Thinking about all the companies you buy advertising from, which of…continue reading …

Be where your customers are searching

Think You Know How Consumers Search for Your Business?

You might be surprised. Marketing research experts, Market Authority, have been interviewing consumers for the past 5 years, zeroing in on how they search for and select businesses. They have conducted nearly 350,000 live interviews with consumers in both rural and metro U.S. communities. It’s no secret that we live in a smartphone-dominated world, and we…continue reading …