Blogging Advice

These posts cover the fine art of blogging, especially as it relates to marketing your business. As with every type of marketing, some strategies will prove more effective than others. Blogging is a great way to set your business apart from the competition, establish yourself as an authority in your field, and increase the leads you get from your website.

Businessman doing false advertisement

The 10 Spammers You Won’t Meet in Heaven

If you blog, you’ve undoubtedly run into the problem of comment spam. Basically, this is when disingenuous marketers attempt to trick you into providing backlinks to their website by inundating your comment section with vague, odd, meaningless, or downright baffling messages. I’ve written previously about how to protect your blog from these types of comments….continue reading …


Roofing Contractors: Give Your Customers Something to Talk About with Content Marketing

When somebody calls a roofing contractor, it’s usually because their roof needs repairs or replacement. I know that sounds painfully obvious, but it’s that fact that drives the marketing efforts of most roofing companies. At the risk of oversimplifying things, marketing can be broken down into three broad goals—getting found, getting chosen, and getting talked…continue reading …

2015 Blog Traffic

Anatomy of a Killer Blog Post

We’re pretty pleased (and proud of the fact) that our blog keeps attracting great traffic, and we keep a close watch on performance. It’s interesting to see which blog posts seem to catch fire and spike lots of traffic but then eventually settle down. It’s even more interesting to see those few outliers that get…continue reading …