Blogging Advice

These posts cover the fine art of blogging, especially as it relates to marketing your business. As with every type of marketing, some strategies will prove more effective than others. Blogging is a great way to set your business apart from the competition, establish yourself as an authority in your field, and increase the leads you get from your website.


Top Tips for Better Business Blogging

While many businesses take on the personality of their owners, business blogging and personal blogging usually require different strategies because of the difference in topic, audience and visibility. Business blogging can have personality, but to be effective, it must also employ a strategy. On your personal blog, the audience may or may not have a vested…continue reading …


10 Flavors of Comment Spam

If you blog, you’ve undoubtedly run into the problem of comment spam. Basically, this is when disingenuous marketers attempt to trick you into providing backlinks to their website by inundating your comment section with vague, odd, meaningless, or downright baffling messages. I’ve written previously about how to protect your blog from these types of comments….continue reading …

The Great Divide in Content Marketing

What You Should Expect from Content Marketing [Infographic]

Are your content marketing efforts floundering because you’re not getting the results you should or are you not expecting realistic results? Check out these statistics about content marketing and give your strategy (and goals) another look. You may need to adjust your expectations. A thought to keep in mind: even when visitors to your website or blog only…continue reading …


How to Rid Your Blog of Comment Spam

It’s a pain that any blogger knows all too well. You get a notification that one of your blog posts has received a comment. Excited that someone was willing to take the time and energy to respond to your online brilliance, you click over eagerly to see what they had to say. And there it…continue reading …

SMB blogs

How to Start a Business Blog

Some of the most frequently asked questions from small businesses involve blogging. Should I have a business blog? YES! How do I start? SEE BELOW How often should I publish new content? REGULARLY. AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK What should I write about? WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW How do I get people to read…continue reading …