Business Websites

There’s a lot more to having a website than just publishing some information online about what your company does. Learn from our experts how you can improve your website, how to avoid mistakes and search engine penalties, and all the aspects of having and maintaining your business website.

Google Analytics

Three Things (at least) You Should Know About Your Website

or Why You Need Google Analytics Now (it’s free and easy to set up) FIRST: Do you know how much traffic your website gets (screenshot 1, below)? Related to that, do you know which page(s) on your site get the most traffic? (screenshot 2, below) You need to know how much traffic comes to your…continue reading …

Google Hidden Gems

10 Hidden Gems from Google to Improve Your Website [Infographic]

It’s always helpful to know what Google looks for when they rate websites, since Google is, well, Google. So whenever some “insider” info leaks, it is worth our serious consideration. Here are 10 EASY things that every business can understand and implement on their own website. Make sure your content is written by experts. Update old content…continue reading …

consumers search for local information

Local Search Marketing 101

There is no doubt that people are searching online before making local purchases in real life. According to a study by Google, consumers search for local business information throughout the purchase process. They divided up the process into four parts: information, research, purchase and post-purchase. A large percentage of consumers perform local searches on multiple devices…continue reading …

Website Contact Form

Stopping Spam for Good or How to Spam-proof Your Website Forms

Creating a contact form on your business website can be a great thing. It can help you generate leads and answer questions from current clients, but it can also generate quite a bit of spam. Preventing spam may even seem like a full time job; as a small business owner you don’t have time for…continue reading …


Matt Cutts: Why Every Business Owner Online Should Know Who He Is

If you own a business that gets referrals from search engines, most notably Google, then you should get to know the man who goes by the name of Matt Cutts.  In the SEO world of experts, pundits and gurus, Mr. Cutts sits on top of the search engine food chain as the head of Google’s web spam team. …continue reading …