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There’s a lot more to having a website than just publishing some information online about what your company does. Learn from our experts how you can improve your website, how to avoid mistakes and search engine penalties, and all the aspects of having and maintaining your business website.

Attorney Websites - Why Less is More

Attorney Websites – Why Less is More in 2015

I began building websites for local businesses back in 2000, and a number of my clients were attorneys and law firms. This was thrilling to me for several reasons, but primarily because I thought “lawyers talk and write for a living, they’ll have tons of great content!” Not quite. The attorneys I worked with were…continue reading …

Mobile Unfriendly Website

Google is Calling Out Your Mobile-Unfriendly Site

When consumers are looking for something on their mobile phones, they want to find something quickly and they want to see it in a way that works on their handheld screen. Unfortunately, not everyone has caught up with the times, and we still find ourselves landing on web sites that look like this: It used to be nearly…continue reading …

Old School - Throwback Thursday

Dex Media #ThrowbackThursday Local Marketing Advice

For a Dex Media Throwback Thursday event, we’ve decided to highlight our timeless articles that apply just as much in 2014 or 2015 as they did when they were originally written. Advertising Business Sign Basics – This article from 2012 points out that regardless of changes in technology, a good sign on your brick and…continue reading …

Google Analytics

Three Things (at least) You Should Know About Your Website

or Why You Need Google Analytics Now (it’s free and easy to set up) FIRST: Do you know how much traffic your website gets (screenshot 1, below)? Related to that, do you know which page(s) on your site get the most traffic? (screenshot 2, below) You need to know how much traffic comes to your…continue reading …