Business Websites

There’s a lot more to having a website than just publishing some information online about what your company does. Learn from our experts how you can improve your website, how to avoid mistakes and search engine penalties, and all the aspects of having and maintaining your business website.

Limeshot Design Creative Brief Questionnaire

Want a New Business Website? Answer These Questions First.

Web designers and marketers start a site design or re-design with a “website creative brief”, a short set of marching orders that boil down your business needs into concepts that can be translated into the words, pictures, buttons and boxes that make up a website. To write the brief, they’ll ask you a list of…continue reading …

AB Testing Diagram from Visual Website Optimizer

A/B Testing for Local Business Websites Is A) Impressive, B) with Caveats

With A/B testing software, you can show one group of website visitors one version of a page, show another group another version and see which version gets you more clicks or phone calls—easy, quick, and cheap or free. Impressive! Except, as a small local business with a low number of site visitors, it may be…continue reading …

Carpet Cleaning Price Package

How to Display Prices on Your Business Website. Or Not.

Should a local business disclose its prices on its website? Start the debate: NO. Never give a price till you’ve had a chance to persuade a customer of the value of what you’re selling and that’s best done by moving the conversation along from your website to a phone call or other two-way communication. YES. Your customers…continue reading …

Website Headlines

The 6 Homepage Headlines You Gotta Write

Fire up Merriam-Webster because you’re going to need some words here, not many but a well-chosen few, in exactly 6 positions at the top part of your business website homepage. A website visitor should be able to scan these titles and phrases and quickly understand your company, product or service and its awesomeness, as well…continue reading …