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There’s a lot more to having a website than just publishing some information online about what your company does. Learn from our experts how you can improve your website, how to avoid mistakes and search engine penalties, and all the aspects of having and maintaining your business website.

Website Content for Pest Control Companies

Herding Fleas: Website Content that Moves Pest Control Customers to a Sale

Let’s see how exterminator companies can deal with the modern “customer journey”, in other words, the buying decision for pest control work. As Google points out in a recent study, internet search plus mobile phones make the buying decision process less like an orderly ant march and more like a flea hop. Consumers make decisions…continue reading …

5 Lessons from #1 Ranked Roofer Websites

5 Lessons from #1 Ranked Roofer Websites

These roofing company sites made it to the first position of the map’s “7-Pack”, the Winner’s Circle of a local search return page on Google, where a favored 7 get free placement below the ads of the paying customers that lead the page. The search was “roofing companies in [city, state abbreviation]” and the winners…continue reading …

Free Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

Free Tools to Spy On Your Competition

One of the many reasons I love the Internet is the sheer number of resourceful tools that businesses have at their fingertips.  Before the advent of the Internet, if you wanted to spy on your competitors, you would either have to read public documents, play secret shopper, or shamefully rummage through their garbage. Nowadays you…continue reading …