This specific kind of advertising lets you take advantage of the exact and precise searching that consumers do online. Whenever people are searching for your kind of business in your local area, make sure they can find you. Mastering the ins and outs of search engine marketing can be a full time job.


19 Online Marketing Buzzwords Defined

Every industry has its buzzwords, jargon and acronyms and some work their way into general use but can still be confusing. Here are 19 definitions of some of the commonly used online marketing terms that you might find useful. AdSense Google’s AdSense program is an easy way to display other business’s advertisements on your website and…continue reading …

Mother's Day

How to Get Your Ads Ready for Mother’s Day

Seasonal ads can be an important addition to your online marketing campaign, but you might not know just how early to start them. Bing’s advertising blog recently shared some tips for running Mother’s Day ads. We’ve all seen the last-minute shoppers trying to salvage the holiday at the checkout line, and they can teach us an important…continue reading …

Display Advertising

FAQ – Display Advertising and Small Businesses

What are Display Ads? There are different types of display ads. Display ads can be in image format, in text format, in rich media or video ads that are shown on Google’s display network. When to Use Display Ads? Brand! Brand! Brand! Display ads are best for branding recognition purposes. They do not convert as…continue reading …

Dentist Chair

Online Advertising Tips for Dentists

The choices you make when you run ads online can mean the difference between expanding your business or learning a costly lesson. Every campaign is as unique as its target audience, and this is very true for dentists who want to run online advertising. Starting with these basic tips, you should be able to avoid wasting budget…continue reading …

Gavel and Keyboard

How to Keep Your Attorney Ads Legal

Given the ubiquity of advertising for lawyers on TV, billboards, radio, and everywhere else, you might be surprised to learn that it’s only been legal for attorneys to advertise since the late 1970s. In Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, the Supreme Court ruled that restrictions on advertisements for legal services violated the First Amendment, but understandably…continue reading …