This specific kind of advertising lets you take advantage of the exact and precise searching that consumers do online. Whenever people are searching for your kind of business in your local area, make sure they can find you. Mastering the ins and outs of search engine marketing can be a full time job.


SEO vs. PPC: What’s Best for Your Local Business?

And what the heck’s the difference anyway? Search engine optimization (SEO) is all the things you do to make the search engines happy so they’ll place your website high up on their pages. For example, basic SEO is creating a well organized, well written website and getting your business listed on internet directory sites. SEO…continue reading …


A Review of Google AdWords in 2014

Google has released multiple features and updates through 2014. It seems to be constantly evolving and changing as Google has us our toes to constantly keep up. In 2014 it was no different; Google released multiple changes, taking away options we liked… and implementing new features that have helped. Luckily, none of the changes were…continue reading …

Google AdWords

Successful PPC Ad Writing: 5 Secrets Your Competitors Already Know. Read Now!

Seems that viewers of the pay-per-click text ads on Google and other search engines are more likely to click on an ad if it includes the phrase “official website”. Ditto for the trademark ™ symbol after a business or product name. Hmmm. Do they think they’ll have their internet driver licenses suspended if they go…continue reading …