This specific kind of advertising lets you take advantage of the exact and precise searching that consumers do online. Whenever people are searching for your kind of business in your local area, make sure they can find you. Mastering the ins and outs of search engine marketing can be a full time job.

Basics of Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertising

PPC 101 or Pay-per-Click in Simple Terms

What is PPC? PPC is pay-per-click marketing on Google’s search engine network and Bing/Yahoo’s search engine. Instead of “organic” listings such as SEO where algorithithms decide where you rank, with PPC you can have your ad placed at the top of the page or the right-hand column by being charged a small fee every time someone clicks on your ad. Why do small…continue reading …


Bing Ads Campaign Planner: Vertical Research for Free

Last week Bing announced the release of the Bing Ads Campaign Planner. The apparent intent of this new feature is to help businesses kick-start their paid search campaigns through free, easily accessible keyword research data. The typical model for keyword research involves suggestions based on a list you provide or a link to your landing page. The…continue reading …


AdWords Callouts: Expand your Ad Space

Last July I posted about the ever-shifting size and shape of Google text ads. Last week Google introduced another feature that follows this trend: callout extensions. Much like phone and sitelink extensions, callout extensions give you the opportunity to create a larger ad with a higher likelihood of conversion. But they also offer the chance to try a…continue reading …

Reporting Data Collage

More Data and Optimization Options from Google: How They Work Together

In a pair of announcements this week Google announced both a new conversion metric (“Website call conversions“) and a new way to drive specific conversion types in your AdWords campaigns (“Conversions for optimization”). These are part of Google’s clear strategy to generate more data on results and use that data as a means to drive more traffic for…continue reading …


Dynamic Sitelinks – Free Clicks with a Catch

Google has made a number of improvements to their ad sitelinks extensions since they launched in 2009. Many of those changes have been cosmetic, including one-line text links, larger text sizes, text snippets, and more. All of this has been in the service of driving more clicks to Google advertisers. Their latest update not only offers potential improvements…continue reading …