This specific kind of advertising lets you take advantage of the exact and precise searching that consumers do online. Whenever people are searching for your kind of business in your local area, make sure they can find you. Mastering the ins and outs of search engine marketing can be a full time job.

Google Mobile Ad Mock Up

AdWords Express: Pay Per Click Ads for the Fast and the Curious

Curious but nervous about search advertising for your small, local business? Google’s paid advertising product, AdWords, comes in a training-wheels version called AdWords Express that’s a fast and easy way to try out search engine marketing. Just understand that you give up most of the control of your ad campaign to Mother Google. Here’s what…continue reading …

Target Audience

Custom Affinity: Find Your Display Ad Audience

When running display ads, one of the most important paths to success is proper audience targeting. You can have the best banners, tag lines, and page position but still fail if you’re making bad targeting decisions. Audience targeting has undergone numerous overhauls in the search, display, and mobile spaces, and we now have a new AdWords-based…continue reading …

Basics of Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertising

PPC 101 or Pay-per-Click in Simple Terms

What is PPC? PPC is pay-per-click marketing on Google’s search engine network and Bing/Yahoo’s search engine. Instead of “organic” listings such as SEO where algorithithms decide where you rank, with PPC you can have your ad placed at the top of the page or the right-hand column by being charged a small fee every time someone clicks on your ad. Why do small…continue reading …


Bing Ads Campaign Planner: Vertical Research for Free

Last week Bing announced the release of the Bing Ads Campaign Planner. The apparent intent of this new feature is to help businesses kick-start their paid search campaigns through free, easily accessible keyword research data. The typical model for keyword research involves suggestions based on a list you provide or a link to your landing page. The…continue reading …