SEO Advice

If your business already shows up at the top of the search results for the products and services you provide in your local area, then you don’t need to know anything more about SEO. If, however, your website isn’t as visible as it should be, you might need some help.

What Google Wants in 2015

What Google Wants in 2015

When you have a business website, you quickly learn how important it is to show up well in search results. Keeping up with what the search engines are looking for is essential to your website’s viability. I was planning to write a plumber-centric blog post about what plumbers need to do in 2015 in order to show…continue reading …


19 Online Marketing Buzzwords Defined

Every industry has its buzzwords, jargon and acronyms and some work their way into general use but can still be confusing. Here are 19 definitions of some of the commonly used online marketing terms that you might find useful. AdSense Google’s AdSense program is an easy way to display other business’s advertisements on your website and…continue reading …

Year of the Social Media Link

Year of the Social Media Link

Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, stated last year “At Google, the biggest mistake I made was not anticipating the rise of the social networking phenomenon”. Today Google+ has a large user base but questions have been asked about how active that community is, with talk of it being dead. A result, perhaps, of jumping on the social…continue reading …

5 SEO Predictions for 2015

5 SEO Predictions for Local Business Owners in 2015

If the turbulence of animals (pandas, penguins, pigeons, oh my) from Google in 2014 was any indication to what the future holds, then local business owners are bracing themselves for another year of uncertainty and confusion. Which is why predicting changes to SEO and search engines is akin to predicting the weather.  You can see…continue reading …


SEO vs. PPC: What’s Best for Your Local Business?

And what the heck’s the difference anyway? Search engine optimization (SEO) is all the things you do to make the search engines happy so they’ll place your website high up on their pages. For example, basic SEO is creating a well organized, well written website and getting your business listed on internet directory sites. SEO…continue reading …