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Change What You’re Doing to Succeed

By | 01.17.12

Change What You’re Doing to SucceedThe key to success in any sales approach is to recognize when your approach isn’t working, and change that approach when you’re not achieving success. You have to be persistent to achieve success, and persistence is key to any sales success, too.

Sales people are persistent, but they have to consistently change their sales tactics, too, instead of consistently using the same old stale sale techniques with their clients. They should consider the frequency of their contacts, as well. Regular contacts are important, but if they contact them too frequently, especially if their contacts don’t need the products, they can wear out their welcome. Initially, it’s a good idea to contact prospects up to three times in the first week, twice during each of the next two weeks, once a week for the following month, and then once a month after that.

The best way to do these follow up calls is to leave a different message whenever you make a sales call. If you leave the same voice message, your prospect will simply turn off when they hear your voice, and if you use the same strategy with every customer, you certainly won’t seem different from your competition. Going on and on about your service or product won’t help you sound any different than any other sales person, and sounding like everyone else won’t make your prospect want to do business with you.

In this challenging business time, it’s essential that you change your strategy to make you stand out from the crowd, and remember that you should change your approach with every new customer you contact. Remember, every time you contact them, you should give them a different message that urges them to contact you right away.

Effective persistence means keeping your company in your customer’s mind by consistently using unique techniques and strategies. You can use different emails, voice mails, letters, postcards, web conferencing, and social networking like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked in to get your message across. The key is to use a varied method of approaches and different messages to set yourself apart and keep yourself in your prospect’s mind.


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