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Free Hashtag Tools Your Business Should Be Using

By | 05.22.14

Hashtags are a great tool to use when marketing your business. They can help you gain reach for your brand, increase exposure, create engagement and help people easily find your business. With hashtags, you can monitor what is being said about your business. However it can be difficult to keep track all of those conversations on social media. There are plenty of great tools out there that you can use to keep track of the hashtags that mean the most to your business. Here is a list of hashtag tools you can use with your marketing campaigns:

Tagboard: The benefit of this tool is that it searches hashtags across Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vine, and Twitter and puts the results in one place. This tool searches across all of these networks for whichever hashtag you designate. Add all of the hashtags your business is using or following to your board and then you can monitor them all in one display. You can also engage with the posts that are popular on your stream, using it as a social media dashboard. They do also offer paid versions that allow you more customizing and tools.

Tagboard This tool allows you to search specific hashtags just on Twitter. The data pulled shows you top related hashtags, top hashtags and top recent tweets. When you hover over a related hashtag, you’ll be able to see how popular it is and how it relates to the main hashtag you searched. And you can switch the way the data is viewed if you prefer a different layout. They also offer active breakout alerts, so if something suddenly becomes trending, you will be the first to know. They offer a paid pro version that is capable of more in-depth analysis.



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