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By | 02.04.13

Foursquare for Business Featured ImageFoursquare’s new business venue management app has finally made the idea of using Foursquare for business more approachable. This is huge!

The Foursquare team has solved a key bottleneck in Foursquare venue management by allowing managers to post via mobile; a process that was extremely cumbersome before this app.

In what is essentially the most powerful feature of the new app, business managers can post text and image updates to Foursquare and then syndicate those updates to a Facebook page and or Twitter account in one fell swoop.

Additional functionality in the app allows a manager to enable/disable current specials and view your venue’s check-in data and regular customers all from the convenient portability of your iPhone or Android device.

Posting Updates

posting updates to Foursquare
Posting updates to your audience is simple and fast. Just type your update, add a photo (optional), select your Facebook page and Twitter account and tap “post”. This update will show up in the Foursquare feed on mobile and desktop in addition to your Facebook wall and Twitter feed.


Managing Specials

Foursquare SpecialsThis screen is overly simplified right now as it only allows you to turn specials on or off. Which means that Specials need to be added via a web browser and the experience is not optimized for mobile.

View Analytics For Check-ins

Foursquare SpecialsAnalytics is a simple view of your total check-ins all-time and a list of your top customers by number of recent check-ins. This customer data is great for businesses wanting to get to know their repeat customers better.
Foursquare for Business is a powerful option for marketing your business, so if you haven’t set your business up yet, you should bounce over there and do it. Download it for free here for iPhone, and here for Android.To use the app, you’ll need to first claim your locations on Foursquare. Visit to get started.

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