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How to Verify Your Website On Pinterest

By | 10.29.12

Everyone’s favorite image sharing site, Pinterest, recently added the ability to verify your website URL on your profile. Verifying the website on your Pinterest profile will make the link more visible and will add a red badge with a checkmark to make it official.

I recommend verifying your company website to drive more clicks to your website, and to improve trust within the community of users who see your pinning activity on the site.

To verify your website, follow these simple directions:

  1. Once logged in to Pinterest, click on your username then click “Settings”
  2. Scroll down to the “Website” field, add your website URL then click “Verify Website”
  3. Click the link to download your HTML verification file
  4. Upload the HTML to your root directory on your website server
  5. Once uploaded, click the “Click here” in Pinterest’s Step 3 (shown below) to complete the process

Currently you can only verify top level domains, like and Tumblr blogs.

Please note: you cannot verify URLs with directories in them (, and popular blog hosting sites Blogger and WordPress are not supported at this time for verification.

Once your verification is successful, your URL and red badge will be displayed on your Pinterest profile.


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  • Jennifer

    There is an easy workaround to verify your WordPress site (or blogger site)
    without uploading a file. This blog has the details:

    • Chris Goulet

      Very helpful, Jennifer. Thanks for posting!

  • I am trying to follow carefully but no success! I don’t know what went wrong

    This is what I got

    We were unable to verify your website. Click here to try again or visit support.
    Your server responded with a status code of 503.

    I tried the trick , I tried adding the meta tag but no success

    • A 503 error is a server error that means the server is not serving any content. Many times, this means that a particular IP or service is blocked by the server. This could be happening on the Pinterest site or at your own hosting location. You should try again and if you receive the same message, you should contact Pinterest and your hosting provider.

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