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Are Marketers Undervaluing Men’s Buying Power? [Infographic]

By | 05.05.14

I’ve long believed that family shopping decisions are primarily made by women, and apparently that used to be true. Microsoft has created the following infographic based on surveys and studies from Men’s Health magazine, Edelman, Nielsen and their own joint study with Ipsos Media that should give you food for thought.

If you’re targeting your marketing efforts at a primarily female demographic, you definitely want to check out these statistics that show:

  • 70% of the men responding said they are the parent who does the grocery shopping and makes the household purchasing decisions.
  • 50% of men are influenced by digital ads and 44% are influenced by online search results.
  • 72% give advice to their friends and family about tech and about consumer packaged goods (CPG) products which include food and beverages, clothing, tobacco and household products.
Are Marketers Undervaluing Men's Buying Power?

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