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By | 04.24.13

This Social Media Cheat Sheet from SM2 (a social media monitoring platform) explains in clear terms what each of the top 9 social networks for business are all about. It’s a handy guide that will help you decide which of these social networks might be a good match for your company’s social strategy. You do have a social strategy, right?

The real-time microblogging platform where you share nuggets of wisdom in 140 characters or less.

The social network that has morphed into a place where businesses want to be found.

The most business-y social platform that is heavily focused on business and career-related networking.

You have to take a look at how brands are successfully using this image-heavy platform to drive traffic.

Inform, educate and entertain with video on the most popular video sharing network.

Different from Facebook, this social network has appeal because of its ability to segment your connections.

Share your business via photos to help make the connection with customers, partners and prospects.

A blogging platform that allows you to publish and share your text, photos, video and audio.

The check-in app that is morphing into a local search app for businesses with a physical location.

Click for a full-size version that is zoomable for easy reading:

SM2 Infographic - Social Media Cheat Sheet for business (full size)

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