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FAQ: Reporting

You can quickly see how your ads are performing using the SEM Premium Overview section of My Account. Use the Report Center to create customer reports and to drill down further into your ad performance. Activity Reports provide multiple views into how your ads are performing across different search engines. Conversion Reports provide in-depth data on how customers are interacting with your business by tracking calls, forms, emails and sales.

It’s easy to monitor the performance of your ads. When you sign in to My Account, you will see high-level statistics for your ads including clicks, calls, email actions, form actions, sales, total conversions, conversion rate, click through rate, cost per click (CPC) and cost. In addition, you will have access to the following reports through the Report Center


  • Activity Summary Report: Provides a performance overview for all the ads in your SEM Premium account, including impressions, clicks, click through rate, cost per click (CPC) and cost.
  • Activity by Engine Report: Provides data on impressions, clicks, click through rate and cost per click (CPC). Find out exactly how your advertising is performing on all search engines.
  • Activity by Campaign Report: See how your ad campaigns are performing on Google and Yahoo, including clicks, click through rate, cost per click (CPC), cost and average position.
  • Activity by Ad Report: See a detailed view of how each ad is performing on all search engines, including clicks, click through rate, cost per click (CPC), cost and average position.
  • Activity by Keyword Report: See your top performing keywords for each search engine.
  • Call Tracking with Call Review: View detailed information about calls to your business from each search engine. Find out your call conversion rate, as well as the date, time, duration, answer status, and the caller’s name, phone number and address. From this report, you can also access recorded phone calls that let you review calls for quality assurance and improve results by coaching employees.


  • Conversion Summary Report: Shows total conversions for traffic generated by your SEM Premium ads including calls, e-mail actions, form actions, sales and revenue.
  • Email Conversion: View all email activity—date/time, email subject line and customer email address. Use this report to generate potential customer lists.
  • Form Conversion: View all form activity—date/time and name of form submitted.
  • Sales Conversion: View all your sales—see the date/time, order ID and value of the sale.

After signing in to your account, click “Report Center” in the top navigation. You can choose the report type you would like to view, then select the date range and other settings. Report requests are usually completed within a few minutes, but when gathering a lot of data, they may take longer.

Yes. If you are an existing customer you can schedule reports using the Report Center. Create custom reports, configure custom data settings, and schedule reports for review at your convenience.

Yes. Once a report is generated it will remain in the Report Center for 30-50 days. To permanently save a report, download it in Excel (XLS), CSV, TSV or XML format.

Reports are available in Excel (XLS), comma-separated values (CSV), tab-separated values (TSV) and XML formats.

Yes. Many reports are available at the search engine level so you know exactly how your ad is performing on those sites. No more guesswork at how your investment is performing across the Web.

Recorded phone calls allow you to hear what kind of calls your advertising brings. You can review calls for quality assurance and improve results by coaching employees.

Your SEM Premium reports can show you when customers call, click, submit a form, send an email or make a purchase. You can also get more detailed information about calls including date, time, duration, answer status, the caller’s name, phone number and address, and call conversion rate. There are also email, form and sales conversion reports that provide detailed information about the date/time of the action, the customer’s name and email address when available, and the amount of sales.

A conversion occurs when a visitor views your ad or website, then takes action to call, email, submit a form or make a purchase. Your conversion rate is the number of visitors who take action on your ad out of the total number of visitors who viewed it. You can generate reports that will let you view the frequency of each type of conversion for your SEM Premium ads.

You can contact your dedicated campaign manager with any questions about your reports. You can locate their contact information on the SEM Premium tab in My Account.