FAQ: Yellow Pages

How do I change my listing information – name of my business, its address or telephone number – in the directory?

All listing changes (name, address or telephone number) must be made through your local telephone service provider. Your local telephone service provider communicates that information to SuperMedia for publication.

How do I change information within my advertising program?

Your Media Consultant is responsible for making any updates to your advertising program.

How can I find out which towns are included in a specific directory, or determine the correct directory for a specific town?

The Directory Information tool, specifically built for this web site, helps you determine what towns are included in each Verizon print directory, as well as provides valuable demographic information on directories. You can also make a toll free call and select the correct option to speak with Media Consultant for additional details.

How do I order telephone directories?

If you would like to order different directories or have questions about directories that are available to order, please visit DirectoryStore.com