Advertising Goals

Let us help you grow your business and retain your customer base.

Whether you’re promoting a brand new business, expanding your market to new areas, or simply looking for a way to connect with more customers, Dex Media has a marketing solution for you. Find out how we can help you achieve your advertising goals.

Get the word out about your business.

When you start a new business, getting customers in the door is job one. We can help you get your name out there and establish brand recognition with potential customers.

Hang onto your current customers.

It’s easier (and less expensive) to keep your existing customers rather than replace them with new ones. We can help you stay in touch with your customers and make sure they stay happy.

Connect with customers and potential customers online

Most customers search online for local businesses because they’re ready to make a purchase. Others may be looking for information, special offers, or an opportunity to communicate with like-minded consumers. With a strong online presence, you can connect with these eager customers and build them into a community of loyal fans.

Reach new customers in new areas.

Expanding the reach of your marketing means more business. If you have the ability to serve customers in nearby towns or counties, or even nationwide, we can help you cast your net over a wider area.

Set yourself apart from the competition.

Successful businesses are the ones that get noticed, especially in a crowded market. We’ve got the advertising solutions that will help your business stand out in the local directory listings, in the search engine results, and in social media circles.

Show up in the search engines.

The first step to connecting with online customers is to make sure they can find you when they’re looking. From optimized business and mobile websites to full-blow pay-per-click marketing campaigns, we’ve got the SEO/SEM solutions you need to make your business more visible online.

Get the most from your advertising dollars.

For the best return on your investment, you want to target the customers most likely to use your products or services at the exact moment they’re ready to buy. We can help you develop a cost-effective marketing strategy, and even provide you with the tools you need to track your results and fine-tune your advertising campaign.