Right from the start, we’ll help you develop a strong advertising strategy.


Understand Your Market

We’ll help you research your market demographics and understand your industry’s marketing environment. Gain insight into what your customers are searching for, what sites they visit and how to present information to help them make a purchase decision.

Check Out the Competition

Simplify Your Search Marketing. With Dex Media, you can save time with consolidated reporting. All the tools and reports you need to measure the effectiveness of ad placements, all in one place.

Target Your Customers

Do you want to develop more local neighborhood customers or are you looking to expand your service area? Both strategies can be effective—we help you evaluate your business model and choose the right audience to achieve your business goals. We know all about your market and can provide detailed demographic information about your service area.

Set Goals

It’s important to establish your business and advertising goals so you can measure your success. What are your primary goals? Do you want new customers, repeat customers or simply to have a competitive position? Meet with a Dex Media Marketing Consultant to define your goals and evaluate how many leads you should expect from your advertising.