Smart Content

To convince people to call you, your advertising must say the right things and look good. In seconds, it must tell people how you’re right for them. And prove that you’re better than the competition.

Knowing that content is the strongest driver of customer calls¹, your Dex Media Marketing Consultant helps you write and design online and print advertising that works, free of charge. This Smart Content™ advertising gets attention with powerful messages, all the right information, and appealing design—all created with your competitors in mind.

Get more customer calls with Smart Content ads.

Smart Ad Content for Directories by Dex Media

Smart Content doubled this company’s calls!³

Be chosen over your competitors

In consumer tests in six major industries, people consistently chose ads that were created using these Smart Content principles²:

  • Attract attention with colorful, appealing designs
  • Create interest with good images and information
  • Educate and inform about your reliability, guarantees, and warranties
  • Inspire action by building trust
  • Give complete contact information including hours and locations

Say all the right stuff

Find out quickly and easily what content your advertising should include. With powerful tools such as the Ad Quality Checklist, you can create Smart Content that attracts customers—on the Web and in print.

Smart Web content

Good content for online advertising should include all of the same things as print advertising, plus:

  • Keywords, search phrases, and title tags that ensure your online advertising is found
  • Enough content: three to seven paragraphs with bullets is ideal

Smart print content

  • Show your reliability by including:
    • Years in business
    • Locally and family-owned
    • Licensed, bonded, and insured
    • Employee experience and training
    • Guarantees and warranties
  • Show that you’re a trustworthy source for brand name products and services by including:
    • Brand names, trademarks, and logos
    • Authorized distributor
    • Factory trained and certified
    • Manufacturer’s warranty service
  • Inspire people to choose you by explaining your business’s unique qualities by including:
    • Emergency and same-day service
    • Convenient and extended hours
    • Delivery and pick-up
    • Free estimates
    • Financing and payment options
  • Show your customers that you can meet all of their needs by including:
    • Comprehensive list of products and services
    • Sales, service, and repair
    • Major credit cards
    • Hours of operation
  • Reassure people that they’ll have a positive experience with you by including:
    • Pictures of products and services in use
    • Owner and employee photos
    • Fleet and vehicle images
    • Logos and signs
  • Give people several ways to contact you by including:
    • Area, neighborhood, and community
    • Map and driving directions
    • Nearest intersection
    • Street address
    • Website and email address

Dex Media ad quality checklist

Ad Quality Checklist from Dex Media
1. CRM Associates, 2010 YP Metered Ad Study
2. Dex One Consumer Panel Research Data & Analysis, January 2010
3. Call-tracking research conducted between 11/09 and 2/10 for the Dex Champaign and Dex Plus Champaign Directories by Telmetrics Inc. for Dex. Ads are from the Dex Yellow Pages. The Dex Counts line(s) featured in the above ad(s) may also appear on the CD-ROM and/or online versions of this directory, as well as on Internet search engines. Dex is not responsible for use of Dex Counts lines outside of Dex ads. The results reported above may vary by market, type of advertisement, type of business, and other factors. They are not predictors or guarantees of Dex advertising results.