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5 Steps to Evaluate Your Online Business Listings

By | 02.22.17
5 Steps to Evaluate Your Online Business Listings

Do you know where search engines are pulling your business’s information from? The most common response we get when we ask that question is, “from my website, of course!” Not so fast. If you want customers to find your business first, consistent online listings up your chances of being found (in addition to off-the-chain website content). Listings are also one of the best sources for new leads and customer reviews. And get this – most are free or really inexpensive.

  1. Where to Start – Get your information out there, and make sure it’s accurate. Any typos or missing information could cost you customers.
  1. Visit Listing Sites – Here are some sites we mentioned in a blog post a while back. These remain the top business listing sites, and we’ve added a couple more.
  1. Search Each Site for Your Business – Check for your information on these sites. If it’s already there, you’ll want to double-check and correct the information they have instead of creating a duplicate listing. Sound like a lot of work? No need to feel like you have to appear on each site. Quality of the site and relevance to what you do are the best indicators for success.
  1. Set up New Listings – For new submissions, the links above represent the deepest pages that can help you set up a new business profile quickly.
  1. Seem time consuming or complicated? Nervous to click “Submit?”

This is a lot to cover, but it can truly be a game changer for your business. We’re here to help. Thryv’s Online Listings Management ensures your business’s online listings are killing it on major search engines, directories and specialty sites.

Jump right in. Evaluate your listings on us. Once you’ve got a good idea of how you’re doing, let our experts impress you. They’ll organize your information through our network and help you manage all of your online listings in one, convenient place – Thryv. Let us show you how easy we can make it.


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