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7 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation on Facebook

By | 09.12.11
7 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation on Facebook

7 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation on FacebookShow some love to your customers! You wouldn’t be in business without them. Here are some simple ways to use your Facebook business page to give your clients the warm-and-fuzzies:

1. Just say thanks

Never miss an opportunity to thank customers on your Facebook page. Thank them for commenting or uploading a photo to your page. Thank them when the number of “likes” for your page passes a milestone. Thank them for giving your business a favorable comment on a review site such as Yelp or Angie’s List. Take a picture (with permission) of a project you did for them and give thanks.

2. Make them feel part of a club

Give customers Facebook-only offers they can redeem in-store. Sprinkles Cupcakes regularly puts a secret password on its Facebook and Twitter pages and asks customers to come in to the store and whisper it to an employee to receive a free cupcake.

3. Link to their business

Send them some web traffic – acknowledge their business with a link and some enthusiastic comments.

4. Share their achievements

Did the customer run a marathon or graduate from law school? Use your Facebook page to congratulate them and thank them (again) for their business.

5. Use their ideas

Here’s the sincerest form of customer appreciation: Invite them via Facebook to suggest new menu items or services to offer or products to stock and then implement the suggestion, with recognition. The Squishable toy company has built its product development around suggestions from its fans for new plush-toy designs.

6. Support their charities or causes

Let your customers know that your Facebook page is available to help by publicizing their appeal for money or volunteers.

7. Run contests that let them show off

Flair Cleaners offered a chance to win a $50 coupon for dry cleaning to customers who posted the cutest  photo of themselves with their moms. Photos of kids and pets also work as a customer thank you/reward. Got some more ways to thank customers with Facebook or other social media? Let us know!

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