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Best Day to Send Email [Infographic]

By | 04.28.14

We’ve talked previously about the best (and worst) times of day to send out your marketing emails. But is there a particular day of the week that’s optimal for email sends? (Spoiler alert: Yes, there is.)

The experts at GetResponse analyzed over 300 million email messages sent in 2013 to figure out just where in the week that sweet sending spot is. They also looked at some other interesting statistics, like the average lifespan of an email message, and compiled the whole thing into a truly epic infographic.

Some interesting takeaways:

  • Emails sent on Tuesday have the highest Open Rate.
  • Emails sent on Friday have the highest CTR, probably because they continue to engage readers throughout the weekend.
  • 23.8 percent of email opens occur within one hour of delivery. After 24 hours, the chance of the email being opened drops to below 1 percent.
  • Automated emails have 24 percent higher Open Rate and 47 percent higher CTR than non-automated.
  • Welcome emails are insanely engaging. Emails sent to people the same day they subscribe to your list have a 67 percent Open Rate and 37 percent CTR!
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    • Marion Jacobson

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