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How Your Business Can Use the World Cup to Boost Sales

By | 06.11.14
How Your Business Can Use the World Cup to Boost Sales

The FIFA World Cup runs from June 12th-July 13th and with that comes a lot of marketing opportunities for your business. FIFA’s World Cup is literally the single biggest marketing opportunity known to mankind. 3.2 billion people watched the last 2010 World Cup – that’s nearly half the entire planet’s population. Here’s how your business can grab a piece of the action and boost sales during the Cup:

  • World Cup Specials: Create specials that will bring fans to your business. If you are a bar or restaurant then create a special that will brings fans to your business to watch games. There are 64 games in total that are played during the World Cup, and you could potentially run different specials for different games. For example: “Wear your favorite teams jersey and get 10% off your entire bill during World Cup games.”

Here’s a great World Cup special from the Londoner’s Facebook page:

  • Run User-Generated Contests: Motivate fans to share photos and posts with your business by running a user-generated content contest. This is a great way to have fun during the Cup by engaging your customers to interact with your business. First, create collateral that explains the contest and place it all over your business. Then create a hashtag that your customers can use to share posts with your business. For example, if you are a bar ask your World Cup fans to share photos of themselves enjoying the games at your bar using a designated hashtag that you created. When the Cup is over, your business can pick the best photo and reward that customer a prize. This contest will trigger excitement, engagement and loyal customers.
  • In-Store Contests: Create contests that have to do with the World Cup. For example, your business can create a contest where customers have to guess the World Cup final winner, or how many goals a team scores, etc. Create a prize for the contest that in return will bring publicity to your store and create loyal customers. Then advertise World Cup contests on your store windows, on social media and around town. The goal of this is to get people to enter your store because they want to participate in the contest, and in return, this will give your business more foot traffic and potential customers.
  • Look the Part: Change it up a little. Embrace the World Cup. Excite your customers by decorating your business with World Cup gear, team decorations etc. Also, integrate the World Cup into your products and services. Let’s say your business sells hand-crafted products, then create some products that are specific for the World Cup. There are so many creative opportunities to highlight your products during the World Cup.

Here’s a great popcorn example from KingofPOP:

  • Try new things: The World Cup is a great time to introduce new products, samplings, ideas and entertainment at your business. Hopefully the World Cup will trigger more foot traffic to your business and with that, your business has a better opportunity to get feedback from customers and introduce new things. For example, try offering a new appetizer or dish samples for free to your customers. This will allow you to collect feedback for your business to see what’s working and what isn’t and your customers will be happy with a free sample!

Bonus example:

Here’s how a business personally reached out to me on Twitter informing me about their specials:

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 3.51.01 PMShare with us in the comments what neat things your business is going to do during the World Cup to entertain customers and boost sales! And most important of all have fun and go USA!

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