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Getting Tweets as Texts, Why Haven’t You Been Doing This?

By | 06.01.13
Getting Tweets as Texts, Why Haven’t You Been Doing This?

twitter-notifications-onWe all know that Twitter is a valuable source of information and a great way to keep your business up on current trends and news, but where do you find the time to follow the important things on Twitter when you have a business to run?

Further complicating things, while you’re too busy for Twitter, Twitter is making it too easy to miss important tweets by burying them in your Twitter “feed” over time.

So, to greatly simplify your Twitter experience, allow me to introduce Twitter by text message.

Following Twitter via text takes Twitter out of an app or a website and into your text messages, which—let’s face it—is much more likely to capture your full attention. And to use Twitter texts, you don’t even need a Twitter account (although I highly recommend you have a Twitter account).

Getting Started

If you DO NOT have a Twitter account yet, you can simply text  “START” to 40404 (in the US) to create your account via SMS. After that step you’ll then text “ON @[Twittername]” to 40404 to subscribe to that user’s tweets. That’s it.

If you do have an account, please continue reading.

  • The first thing you need to do is add your mobile phone to your Twitter account in your account settings.
  • Next you’ll text “ON” to 40404

You can now subscribe to tweets, and follow users with the commands shown below.

To follow a user, simply text “FOLLOW @[Twittername]“ to 40404 – Example text: “FOLLOW @chrisgoulet

To unfollow a user, simply text “UNFOLLOW @[Twittername]“ to 40404 – Example text: “UNFOLLOW @chrisgoulet

To subscribe to a user without having to follow them, text “ON @[Twittername]” to 40404 – Example text message: “ON @smallbiztrends

To unsubscribe to a user without having to follow them text “OFF @[Twittername]” to 40404 – Example text message: “OFF @smallbiztrends

While you’re on you can subscribe/unsubscribe to users by clicking the dropdown button next to the follow/unfollow button and select “Turn on/off mobile notifications”.

Who to Follow on Twitter

Choosing which account to follow by text message is very important. You want to keep the list small so it doesn’t become distracting or something you’ll end up ignoring.

Some great accounts to follow for small business resources are:

@smallbiztrends, @pamslim, and @supermedia of course.

The Full List of Twitter SMS Commands

  • Follow @[twittername]” – Follow a user
  • Unfollow @[twittername]” – Unfollow a user
  • ON or OFF @[twittername]” – Turn text following on or off
  • DM @[twittername]” – Send a direct message to a user
  • GET @[twittername]” – See the latest tweet from a user
  • RETWEET @[twittername]” – Retweet a user’s most recent tweet
  • RT @[twittername]” – An additional way to retweet a user’s most recent tweet
  • FAVORITE @[twittername]” – Favorite a user’s most recent tweet
  • WHOIS @[twittername]” – To view a user’s profile information
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