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Can Twitter’s New Website Cards Save You Money?

By | 05.06.14
Can Twitter’s New Website Cards Save You Money?

Last fall I wrote an introductory post explaining the 140-character busting Twitter cards and the lead cards that served as their paid counterpart. The offering was fairly robust at the time, but Twitter has decided to expand the tools available to advertisers to help their tweets stand out from the crowd.

Classic Cards

The original set of cards enabled Twitter users to click a “View summary” button to expand a tweet and see additional content. This helped drive engagement, but required modification to a site’s underlying code. Lead cards offered similar functionality for paid ads, but were limited to gathering user e-mail addresses and Twitter handles. While these card types enhanced user discovery and lead generation efforts, they were still quite limited.

Introducing Website Cards

Late last month, Twitter announced the addition of a new tool in their ever-expanding advertising arsenal: website cards. These new cards provide a blend of the benefits of summary cards and lead cards. You can specify a website title, link, and image, and your tweet will show that content alongside a “Read More” button.

You might think to yourself, “I could do that already for free!” You’d be right, as you could just write a tweet with a link to your web site and promote it. However, you wouldn’t get the same reach and impact that you’d get from using the new card.

Twitter Website Card
The visuals alone should drive more engagement for your ads.

You should still add summary card code to your web site to increase engagement, but these cards allow you to drive traffic without having to tinker with your code. They also provide room for better advertising practices by allowing you to run different text and images for the same landing page. This is an incremental step up from the previous offering, but it’s sufficient reason to try some campaigns to see if you can generate leads more efficiently for your company.


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