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The Importance of Saying Thank You

By | 08.09.16
The Importance of Saying Thank You

Recently, I ordered a running armband. It arrived — with a thank you note for my purchase. It was the old-school kind of thank you, on heavy stock paper and in an envelope.

It made me smile — and got me thinking about how far a simple “thank you” can go to improve customer relations. It took little effort on the part of the business, and for me, it created a positive association with the company.

Here are some easy ways you can thank customers and create positive associations — and hopefully relationships — with your company.

  • If you mail items, a thank you note, like I mentioned above, will certainly make a good impression, but don’t feel you have to be fancy. Envelopes aren’t necessary. You can even print out a standard thank you, but I recommend you sign it. If you have the time to jot down a note in pen, even better.
  • Thank customers just for being customers. At software company Wufoo, every employee every week writes a card to a loyal customer.
  • There’s plenty of room for being thankful on social media especially.
    • On Twitter, thank someone when they share a link to your business or blog or if they retweet you. If you have the time, thank folks when they favorite your tweets as well.
    • On Facebook, if someone leaves a comment on a post, thank them for weighing in.
    • Even consider thanking people for complaints they leave on social media, depending on the nature of the complaint. For example, I’ve thanked people for their feedback, and I’ve thanked them for their patience when their issue required time to fix.
    • Folks are so surprised to get a personal thank you, they’re likely to return the favor by sharing it on social media:

So I happen to be addicted to these coffee drinks by Califia Farms, and I wrote a post on their page sharing my love for…

Posted by John Hwang on Thursday, April 28, 2016

I've been busy lately in my role as a Funeral Celebrant. These thank you notes are from working with the incredibly professional, caring and kind Funeral Directors at Seddon Park Funeral Home in Hamilton.

Posted by Anne-Marie Case-Miller, Celebrant and MC on Monday, August 1, 2016

  • I’m sure you do this already, but don’t forget to thank them in person as well. A “Thank you for shopping with us!” at the time of purchase can only help.

And to end this: Thank you for reading my post on thank you’s!

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  • Wendy Saddlemire

    Very nice artical, sadly some people even forget to say Thank you in person.

    • Christine Landry

      Thanks, Wendy! Saying thank you is such a small thing that make’s such a big difference. We should all do it more!

  • Thanks for the THANK YOU reminder!! It does go a long way!!

    • Christine Landry

      You’re very welcome, Jeff!

  • D’Ann Vits

    I love this. Where have manners gone? This is solidifies how important manners are. Thank you!

    • Christine Landry

      My pleasure, D’Ann. It’s hard to go wrong with good manners!

  • I send a thank you note to every customer. I use postcards or Send Out Cards, depending on what I want to say. I often receive thank you notes and phone calls from the people who receive them! I guess I could send a “thank you” for the “thank you!”

    • Christine Landry

      I love this, Tina! And I agree, it’s hard not to thank someone for a nice thank you, but the cycle has to stop somewhere!

  • Richard Buse

    Thanks for sharing this. Regularly expressing appreciation doesn’t require much expense or time, but making the commitment to regularly express appreciation has such a positive impact.

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