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The Mobile Marketing Landscape for 2014 [Infographic]

By | 02.13.14
The Mobile Marketing Landscape for 2014 [Infographic]

57 percent of users won’t recommend companies with poor mobile websites. This is according to a new infographic from WebDAM that shows where mobile marketing is heading.

There were some interesting statistics that I found in this infographic. 52 percent of users have an Android operating system, but Apple is still the most popular smartphone producer with 41 percent of the market share. Mobile ad revenue will more than double by 2016 to $24.6 billion.

There is some emphasis on companies moving towards native apps but they are still not for everyone. There are 224 million monthly active mobile app users in the US alone.

Lastly, it’s no large surprise that the number one  mobile app is Facebook. Even if their popularity begins to waver, odds are they’ll continue to occupy the top spot for some time.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Mobile Marketing Landscape for 2014
The Mobile Marketing Landscape for 2014

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