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The Mobile Industry in Numbers [Infographic]

By | 11.13.12

We often focus on how small businesses can use mobile with their business, it is also important to understand how the mobile market is doing as well.

Vision Mobile recently published an infographic that can help you see how consumers are changing from feature phones to smartphones at an increasing rate and what manufacturers are dominating the market.

Here are some highlights from the infographic:

  • Smartphone sales penetration continue to grow quickly. From 30% in 3rd quarter 2011 to 40% in the 2nd of 2012.
  • Though new device shipments are down, smartphone shipments are up.  This shows that people are not buying as many phones but when they are, more are purchasing smartphones.
  • Nearly 2 out of 3 smartphones shipped in the 1st quarter of 2012 were Android devices, not Apple.
  • The new Windows phones already have over 100 thousand available apps in the Windows Marketplace.
  • Samsung is the leading manufacture in overall shipments but Nokia is a close second, most of which are feature phones.

The Mobile Industry in Numbers

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