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The Taxonomy of the Penny-Pincher [Infographic]

By | 02.04.14
The Taxonomy of the Penny-Pincher [Infographic]

I love infographics, but have a geek-level penchant for taxonomy, so this “Taxonomy of the Penny-Pincher” infographic from Direct Marketing News immediately caught my attention. The infographic summarizes the results of Experian Marketing Services’  “2013 Deal Seekers Report”, which challenges some assumptions about how much deals and other offers really drive consumer choices.

The report classifies shoppers as one of six types of deal seekers, or “penny-pinchers” as referenced in the infographic, and places them on a continuum of deal seeking or deal rejecting behavior.

The Deal Indifferent persona accounts for the largest percentage of shoppers at thirty-four percent. Deal Indifferents don’t especially love shopping and are interested in convenience; a deal is highly unlikely to change their shopping habits.

Deal Seeker Influentials make up the smallest group, at eighteen percent.  However, Deal Seeker Influentials are generally younger consumers and spend a lot of time on the internet and use it for comparison shopping. Deal Seeker Influentials also actively seek out deals through various media.

What’s interesting about all of the personas identified by Experian is that price matters, but not as much as you might think. Shopping environments, brands, and convenience are all more important to shoppers across the continuum. Take a look at the infographic for more details and definitely consider downloading the full report for even more detail.

 The Taxonomy of the Penny-Pincher

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