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In Trust Symbols We Trust

By | 08.08.14

Trust Logos from ASE, TRUSTe, BBB, NortonThey’re like merit badges for your business website. Display the logos of reputable organizations or customers that endorse your business, and you give site visitors a quick visual cue that you’re trustworthy, if not loyal, brave and ready to help little old ladies cross the street.

Place trust logos on your home page, About Us page and especially at the spots where you want site users to take an action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase or calling your number.

And, as the saying goes, trust but verify: Use A/B testing to confirm that the presence and placement of these badges is in fact leading to more clicks or calls.

Here are some types of trust symbols to consider for your business website.

Industry Certifications or Affiliations

These logos show that your shop meets professional standards for training and quality, for instance, AAA Approved Auto Repair and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification for a mechanic.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Other Rating Agencies

The BBB seal on a site is the most recognizable all-around character reference for a business. Just be aware that the venerable organization has come under criticism in recent years for loose standards so check out the reputation of your local chapter before joining.

Customers, Partners or Brands

You can line up the corporate logos from your major customers or partners or the national brands you distribute, as a quick visual testimonial that your company has solid connections.

TRUSTe and Other Privacy Protection Certifications

If you’re collecting and storing data from customers online, organizations like TRUSTe certify that you’re following industry-standard practices for privacy policies and data handling, entitling you to a show their icon.

SSL Certification: Norton, McAfee, etc.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standard protocol for securely passing on data collected from a website.  Many companies (big names include Norton and McAfee) verify the security of your SSL, as well as protect your site from bugs and hackers. Displaying their seals show you are concerned in particular about keeping ecommerce transactions on your site secure.

Or Make Your Own Trust Symbol

You may earn just as much credibility from making a personal pledge on your site to do the right thing. Here’s a Money Back Guarantee logo you can download for free.

Image: Seals from National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, Better Business Bureau, TRUSTe and Norton (Symantec)

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