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Why Update Your Business Listing?

By | 09.30.13

Search mobile business listingsInfogroup recently published survey results with the disheartening title “Survey: Half of Consumers Using Local Search Have Visited Closed Businesses“. Findings of the local search consumers’ survey include:

  • 55 percent of listings had incorrect operating hours
  • 52 percent have visited a closed business
  • 44 percent frequently arrive at a business location that has moved
  • 44 percent say they have had a social outing ruined by incorrect listing information
  • 36 percent of listings had changed listed prices

You can imagine what happens when a local search for your business lands a consumer at the wrong information. According to Infogroup, most consumers blame the provider of the wrong information, but 26 percent will fault your business for the incorrect information. You probably make sure your business name, address, and phone number are correct online, but most consumers are looking for more information than just your address and phone number.

Consumers frequently want to know if your business is open at the time they’re searching and many mobile applications (including Google) will use the hours of operation information for your business to let consumers know your door is open! Mobile users may also be looking for a very specific product or service in their immediate vicinity. If your online business information suggests you provide a service and you do not, they will be sorely disappointed when they arrive. And remember to make use of your business information to publish seasonal or time-sensitive offers to get the best results.

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