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Marketing a small business can be hard, so I added a marketing department

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  • Business Websites
  • Give your business a professional online presence with an attractive and well-designed business website that can be viewed on any device.
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  • Search Marketing
  • Gain visibility on hundreds of local directory sites and major search engines like Google and Yahoo! through Dex Media's extensive ad network.
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  • Mobile
  • Use text marketing to reach out to your mobile customers and notify them of current offers, events, and upcoming appointments.
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  • Social Media
  • Don't just advertise to your customers... engage them on a personal level with the help of our social media specialists.
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Is Your Website Making the Grade?

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Fine Tuning Success

“What [my Dex Media marketing consultant] brings really is a sense of trust. I know that she’s in tune with current marketing needs…If I did not have Dex Media, and I say this in all honesty, I don’t think I would have weathered these last four or five years nearly as well as I have.”

- Kevin Pettiette,
Smokey’s Garage Door, Phoenix

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