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Add A New Department To Your Small Business.

When you partner with Dex Media, it's like getting your own marketing department. We're your one stop shop for search engine marketing, websites, mobile, social media, and print marketing solutions.

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To Our Clients: Dex One and SuperMedia are now Dex Media. Click here for more information.

The Keys to Digital Success

  • Get Found.
  • Get Found.
  • We'll make sure your business is showing up in all the places consumers may be looking.
  • Get Chosen.
  • Get Chosen.
  • We'll help you stand out from the crowd. Your customers will go with your business because they know it's the right choice.
  • Get Talked About.
  • Get Talked About.
  • We'll connect you with your customers. You can know what they're saying about you, and even join in the conversation!

Digital Marketing Tools - Fast, Free, Easy!

Is your website making the grade?

Is Your Website Making the Grade?

Find out in a flash how well your website is performing and where it stacks up against the compitition.

Grade Your Website
How Findable Are You?

How Findable Are You?

New customers are looking for your business. Can they find you? Take the assessment and find out.

Get Your Findable Score
Evaluate Your Local Search Listings FAST!

Evaluate Your Local Search Listings FAST!

Make sure your website is showing up on websites where the most consumers are searching.

Evaluate Your Listing

Client Success Stories

Staying Ahead of the Curve

"We’re always getting better at what we do and one of the things that I appreciate very much about Dex Media is, ahead of the curve, they start saying, well, you might want to try this…We’ve had a lot of success and increased customers as a result of the things that [Dex Media] has brought to me." See More Testimonials

- Dr. Randy Spencer, 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, Phoenix

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