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Marketing a small business can be hard, so I added a marketing department

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  • Business Websites
  • Give your business a professional online presence with an attractive and well-designed business website that can be viewed on any device.
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  • Search Marketing
  • Gain visibility on hundreds of local directory sites and major search engines like Google and Yahoo! through Dex Media's extensive ad network.
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  • Mobile
  • Use text marketing to reach out to your mobile customers and notify them of current offers, events, and upcoming appointments.
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  • Social Media
  • Don't just advertise to your customers... engage them on a personal level with the help of our social media specialists.
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Find out your Findable Score®. It's fast, free and easy!

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Find out your Findable Score®. It's fast, free and easy!

In under a minute, you can see how consumers are searching for your business and find out just how visible you are online. We’ll even throw in some tips and show you how to make your business *more* findable.

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Fine Tuning Success

“What [my Dex Media marketing consultant] brings really is a sense of trust. I know that she’s in tune with current marketing needs…If I did not have Dex Media, and I say this in all honesty, I don’t think I would have weathered these last four or five years nearly as well as I have.”

- Kevin Pettiette,
Smokey’s Garage Door, Phoenix

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How Well Do Top Brands Know Their Social Audience? [Infographic]

September 02, 2015 by Chris Irby

Social media is a great tool for engaging customers and turning them into fans of your business. Most businesses tend to focus their social media efforts during weekday afternoons, even though many social audiences are at their most active outside of business hours. Is this a valid strategy? Well, it would appear so. This infographic from…continue reading …

Yes, Virginia, People Still Use Phone Books [Infographic]

August 31, 2015 by Marion Jacobson

We sometimes hear from folks who tell us that we are “crazy” or “out of touch” or they want to know where they can recycle these “relics” that have been deposited on their front porches. Others chastise us for “wasting trees” or being environmentally insensitive by publishing books that “no one uses”. No one is…continue reading …

A Twitter Story of Our Chicago Marketing Event

August 28, 2015 by Christine Landry

We had an amazing turnout for our Chicago Marketing Success Seminar at City Winery — 219 participants! The panel included: Barry Moltz, radio host, entrepreneur and author Faith Murphy, Director of Channel Management and Small Business Sales at Yahoo Ben Tyson, Senior Partner Trainer of Channel Sales Partnerships at Google Christopher Folmar, Director of CRM & SAAS Products…continue reading …