Our Brands

Dex Media’s brands connect buyers with sellers. We make sure customers can find all the business information they need to make a purchase decision, wherever they are looking.

Leaders in Local Search

When consumers search for businesses online, they start at Superpages.com. It’s the place where national, regional and local businesses are found every day. Superpages.com provides consumers with access to business listings, maps, driving directions, special offers, ratings and reviews.
DexKnows.com is the expert when it comes to online business listings. Each month, DexKnows.com helps connect millions of consumers with local businesses, providing them with everything from driving directions and phone numbers to ratings, reviews, and special offers.
Superpages Mobile
Our award-winning Superpages mobile app provides consumers with the local information they need, including business listings, weather, reservation services, movie tickets and showtimes, to-go food orders and more. Local discovery has never been easier!

Print Directories

Dex Media is the official publisher of print directories for several companies, including:

  • AT&T®
  • Verizon®
  • CenturyLink East®
  • CenturyLink West®
  • Fairpoint®
  • Frontier Communications®
The Directory Store
The Directory Store is our premier global directory bookstore offering thousands of resources to help people find the information they need, and provide businesses with new avenues to reach new customers.
* Restrictions apply. For a complete description, please see the program terms and conditions.