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Marketing Services Agreement

You were provided a copy of your Marketing Services Agreement at the time of sale. To ensure you are clicking on the correct copy of Marketing Services Agreement Terms and Conditions, please pay special attention to Section 2 which provides you the notice and contact information.

Marketing Services Agreement (Section 2 references Bristol, TN as your Notice/Contact Us location)

Marketing Services Agreement (Section 2 references D/FW Airport, TX as your Notice/Contact US location)

Marketing Services Agreement – EveryCarListed.com® Inventory Marketing Premium or Standard Fixed Fee, Oodle Pro and Premium Video Programs

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SuperClicks® Premium Advertising

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SEO Service

SMS Base Mobile Marketing

SocialEze Advertising (for sales on or between 4/29/2014 and 7/30/2014)
Social Media Services (for sales on or after 7/31/2014)

SuperClicks® Advertising (for sales on or after 7/7/2014)
SuperClicks® Advertising (for sales on or between 4/26/2014 to 7/6/2014)

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