Branding Advice


Is Your Brand too Bland? Avoid These Pitfalls of “Wallpaper Copywriting”

Building a brand is hard work. You have to figure out just what it is about your business that sets it apart from the others, and then you have to convey that information to customers (and potential customers) in a way that’s catchy and memorable. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are perfectly content to…continue reading …

Color Psychology in Marketing Green

Your Colors Influence Your Customers [Infographic]

The colors you choose for your company logo or signage or delivery trucks send their own message to customers apart from the words. In an experiment, two marketing psychologists tested some made-up corporate logos in different colors on a group of students and found consistently that white created an impression of sincerity, red excitement, blue…continue reading …

Limeshot Design Creative Brief Questionnaire

Want a New Business Website? Answer These Questions First.

Web designers and marketers start a site design or re-design with a “website creative brief”, a short set of marching orders that boil down your business needs into concepts that can be translated into the words, pictures, buttons and boxes that make up a website. To write the brief, they’ll ask you a list of…continue reading …