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Social Media Holiday Marketing Trends for 2014 [Infographic]

It’s true, the 2014 holiday marketing season is already here! The majority of businesses are probably already in full swing planning out holiday campaigns and sales. And social media has become an important tool for businesses and brands for driving sales and extending reach. Our friends at Offerpop put together this great infographic that details the…continue reading …

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Small Business SEO Ranking Factors for 2014

Searchmetrics has released their Ranking Factors Study for 2014 based on the calculations they did with their own data set. While analysis of data and trends helps business owners understand and set a barometer for their SEO efforts, remember correlation does not imply causation, because not anyone outside of Google engineers can truly know what…continue reading …

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New Social Networks Your Business Should Consider Using

The majority of businesses utilizing social media marketing are advertising on large networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However with the ever changing internet, new social networks are popping up with the potential to be the next big thing. For small businesses, these small networks may be a promising opportunity to reach new customers. The…continue reading …