Local Marketing Advice

Why Buying Local is Worth Every Cent

Buying Local [Infographic]

Ever wonder if spending your money with local small businesses rather than big box stores has an impact on your local economy? Ever wondered where that money goes? Have you wondered about the environmental impact of buying local? This enlightening infographic from CustomMade illustrates the effect buying local has on the local economy.

Customer Lifecycle Infographic

Moving Customers through the 4 Stages of Selling [Infographic]

You used to see charts depicting the sales process as a funnel. At the top was “Awareness”, with advertising bringing the product to the attention of some impressionable buyer, who then slid down the sales funnel through the stages of “Lead”, “Prospect” and “Sale” like a quart of Castrol. Well, as this “Four Stages of…continue reading …

Seasons Illustrated by Trees

Using Seasonal Data to Boost Your Online Ads

It can sometimes be tempting to let your online advertising campaigns run on auto-pilot, especially when they seem to be performing well. You should always try to resist that urge, though, because your competition may be ready to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise while you rest on your laurels. Such opportunities are often…continue reading …


Nurture Your Leads with Narrative [Infographic]

Marketing has come a long way since the days of Mad Men, the hard sell, and “Always Be Closing.” These days, successful marketing is all about storytelling. Most folks get that, but they still make the rookie mistake of casting their business as the protagonist of their stories. They focus their marketing efforts on how…continue reading …