Reputation Advice


Avoid These Press Release Blunders

A well-written press release can generate good buzz for your small business. However, just one poorly-written sentence or sloppy editing mistake can undo that hard work. Best case scenario, a bad press release will be ignored or overlooked by the general public. Worst case, it could end up embarrassing your business or even damaging its…continue reading …


Reputation Management – The Secret Weapon

Of course you’ve heard about reputation management, but do you know how important it is when determining a business’s success for years to come? Online reputation management can be just as important or even more so than SEO and SEM. You can always count on a customer or employee to voice their experience online via several…continue reading …

Tone of Voice

What’s the Best “Tone of Voice” for Email Customer Support?

When you’re dealing with an unhappy customer, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. This is especially true with channels like email and social media, where you can’t use vocal inflection, facial expression and body language to provide context for your message. You have to rely on word choice and punctuation…continue reading …