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How Bad Reviews Can Benefit Your Business

Bad reviews are an inevitable fact of life, like death, taxes, and fruit-flavored beer. No matter how scrupulous you are when conducting your business, you’re going to eventually run into a disgruntled customer who takes to the internet to air his grievances. It can be alarming and a bit disheartening when one of these bad…continue reading …


Avoid These Press Release Blunders

A well-written press release can generate good buzz for your small business. However, just one poorly-written sentence or sloppy editing mistake can undo that hard work. Best case scenario, a bad press release will be ignored or overlooked by the general public. Worst case, it could end up embarrassing your business or even damaging its…continue reading …


Reputation Management – The Secret Weapon

Of course you’ve heard about reputation management, but do you know how important it is when determining a business’s success for years to come? Online reputation management can be just as important or even more so than SEO and SEM. You can always count on a customer or employee to voice their experience online via several…continue reading …