Social Media Advice

Do you know where your ideal customers hang out online? Do you think they know who you are, what you do, how to find you and why they should choose you over your competitors? Social Media has quickly become the preferred way that many consumers reach out to businesses. Are you there?

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Making the Most of Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags walk a fine line between being helpful and being annoying. On top of that, they’re not as helpful on some social platforms as others. But one place where you shouldn’t fear them: Instagram. They’re wildly useful there. One of the biggest benefits of using hashtags is they turn words you’ve hashtagged into live links….continue reading …

Viral Images

Why Images Go Viral, According to Science

Grumpy Cat, Success Kid, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Ariana Grande Kissing Miley Cyrus – why do some images blow up on social media? To answer this jackpot question of internet marketing, researchers from digital agency Fractl and Vanderbilt University showed popular images from sharing site Reddit to 800 men and women, and asked the…continue reading …

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Periscope: Twitter’s New Live-Streaming Video App

Periscope is Twitter’s new live-streaming video app that allows users to watch and broadcast live video. The app allows users to broadcast live from anywhere, with no need for a WiFi connection or a webcam. Periscope’s live feeds can be shot from iPhones and iPads and watched through smartphones, desktop and laptops. Note: An Android version…continue reading …

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How Plumbers Are Rocking Social Media

Social media may not seem as natural a fit for plumbers as say bakers — or at least, it’s not as visual. But as it turns out, plumbers are a creative bunch. So here we’re spotlighting how plumbers use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but really, these are tips that apply to any profession. 1. Establish yourself…continue reading …

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The Top 5 Activities on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook [Infographic]

As a business that markets on social media, it’s important to understand how your audience is using social media.  A recent study by GlobalWebIndex reveals data detailing the top 5 activities on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Here are some standout stats: 42% of active Twitter users used Twitter to read news stories last month. 30% of…continue reading …