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Do you know where your ideal customers hang out online? Do you think they know who you are, what you do, how to find you and why they should choose you over your competitors? Social Media has quickly become the preferred way that many consumers reach out to businesses. Are you there?


How Well Do Top Brands Know Their Social Audience? [Infographic]

Social media is a great tool for engaging customers and turning them into fans of your business. Most businesses tend to focus their social media efforts during weekday afternoons, even though many social audiences are at their most active outside of business hours. Is this a valid strategy? Well, it would appear so. This infographic from…continue reading …

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Your Business Needs Google Reviews Now More than Ever

If you search on Google for a location-based business, you have undoubtedly seen what’s called the “seven pack” of businesses with little locator links on the map. This is a list of seven businesses that match the category and geographic location you typed into the search field. These aren’t ads, they’re organic results, tied to…continue reading …


How to Make Your Business Shine on Instagram

So you run your own business. You know that a strong digital presence is pretty essential these days (if you like having customers, that is). You probably have a nicely-designed website. You probably have a Facebook page that you post on at least semi-regularly. Yet you also probably feel like you could, or should, be doing more….continue reading …

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Live-Tweeting an Event? Here’s How To Do It Right.

We hold these great events on marketing for small businesses — I’ve talked about them here before. (Next up: Events in Chicago and Seattle!) Recently, I created a best practices sheet for employees tweeting on behalf of the company at these events, and it occurred to me this could be helpful for anyone live-tweeting any event….continue reading …