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Do you know where your ideal customers hang out online? Do you think they know who you are, what you do, how to find you and why they should choose you over your competitors? Social Media has quickly become the preferred way that many consumers reach out to businesses. Are you there?


Exactly What You Need to Do to Figure Out Your Facebook Audience

I recently wrote about performing a Facebook A/B test on our consumer-facing Facebook pages. I decided to take my test one step further and look closely at the demographics of both the Superpages and DexKnows Facebook pages and then come to some definitive conclusions on content preferences for each brand. I’ll cover DexKnows in this post. First, I’m going…continue reading …

Hit Your Goals with Twitter

The Benefits of Twitter Advertising for Your Business

Has your business considered using Twitter ads? Earlier in the month Twitter revamped their advertising interface by making it easier for marketers and business owners to set up and launch campaigns. If you are a newcomer to Twitter ads or an experienced user, the new system is easier now with clearer campaign objectives and step-by-step instructions….continue reading …

Social Media Icons

Add Social Sharing to Your Blog… The Easy Way!

Social Media is ubiquitous now and many blog visitors click the sharing options before they’ll post a comment or even before they finish reading the article. If you’re following the latest social media trends and best practices, you know it’s important that you make it easier for your visitors to share your content on their preferred…continue reading …

top tweets

A Case Study of 5 Top-Performing Tweets (Part 4)

First we covered top-performing Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn — now we’ve come to Twitter! Twitter can be a wily one. Between the amount of information going through Twitter users’ feeds to the lifespan of a tweet, it’s probably easier to get lost in the shuffle on Twitter than any other social medium. So here I’ve highlighted some…continue reading …

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New Social Networks Your Business Should Consider Using

The majority of businesses utilizing social media marketing are advertising on large networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However with the ever changing internet, new social networks are popping up with the potential to be the next big thing. For small businesses, these small networks may be a promising opportunity to reach new customers. The…continue reading …