Social Media Advice

Do you know where your ideal customers hang out online? Do you think they know who you are, what you do, how to find you and why they should choose you over your competitors? Social Media has quickly become the preferred way that many consumers reach out to businesses. Are you there?

choosing a hashtag

When to Create a New Hashtag — and When Not To

Hashtags might have started out as a categorizing technique just for Twitter, but they have morphed into a trend detector, branding initiative, punchline and more on nearly all kinds of social platforms. Who knew hashtags would go so far? But as far as they’ve come, they can still be wily. That’s why I was so pleased when I…continue reading …


Social Media Holiday Marketing Trends for 2014 [Infographic]

It’s true, the 2014 holiday marketing season is already here! The majority of businesses are probably already in full swing planning out holiday campaigns and sales. And social media has become an important tool for businesses and brands for driving sales and extending reach. Our friends at Offerpop put together this great infographic that details the…continue reading …


Should Your Business Be on Instagram?

I’ll confess: I’ve been surprised by how much I enjoy Instagram. I follow small businesses on it through our Superpages profile, and it’s so interesting to see what types of businesses use it and what they share. The businesses I follow are varied. They include: Restaurants Charcuterie stores Bakeries Breweries Boutiques Hair salons Nail salons Framing…continue reading …


The Benefits of Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Marketing is full of false dichotomies, with pundits often behaving as if all the various channels are somehow mutually exclusive. You don’t have to give up print for digital, you don’t have to give up SEO for paid search, and you certainly don’t have to give up email marketing for social media. This infographic, which…continue reading …