Marketing For The iPad

Marketing For The iPadThe iPad has taken the computer world by storm, and already advertisers are clamoring to get their messages through to iPad users. Apple developed a program called iAds to respond to advertiser demand, but with costs starting at $1 million for a campaign, that puts advertising out of sight for most small businesses. However, many companies are offering advertising on their own iPad applications at much more reasonable rates.

Cost-Per-Thousand Clicks

When you advertise online, most companies charge you by the number of clicks your ads receive, and usually it’s a set rate at the cost-per-thousand (CPM) clicks. Companies with online publications are offering small businesses rates that start around $50 CPM, or $.05 a click. This is much more affordable for most businesses, and it can fit nicely into their advertising budgets. Look for sites that have a large following or readership, and make sure that your target market is reflected in this readership. These CPMs for iPads are higher than most website advertising, but that’s because you have a larger measure of success with the iPad, because people bought these specifically to read and work online. Studies already show that people are spending a higher percentage of their time online at these publishers’ sites when they use the iPad, which means your ad will have more time to get through to them.

Find Other Media Options

Online publishers aren’t the only venue for your advertising for the iPad. Look at local media outlets, too. Your local television station may have a presence for the iPad, and advertising there can be much cheaper than advertising on their national parent company. You’ll know your ads are reaching local readers if you use these venues, too. On the other hand, you can look for companies in your area that are already marketing themselves on the iPad, and see if you can get together to form a consortium of local advertisers to get better rates.

If marketing on the iPad is still too expensive, consider looking for other online advertising that fits the bill. Start with local websites and build up from there. Just make sure that you accurately target your demographics, so you reach the people that are really your potential customers. That way, you’ll get the most results from your advertising dollars.

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