Yellow Pages Advertising

Yellow Pages Advertising

Let customers find you when they need you with a yellow pages directory ad.

  • 60 percent of consumers have a decision to make when they refer to the yellow pages.1
  • 61 percent of consumers will contact a business after looking it up in the yellow pages. Of these, 40 percent will end up making a purchase.1
  • Among those making a purchase, 38 percent are new customers.1

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Reach more buyers with yellow pages advertising.

Advertising in Dex Media's yellow pages directories can mean big success stories for your local business. Whether customers are searching for you by name or by the products/services you provide, make sure they'll be able to find you!

Yellow Pages Awareness Products

YP Awareness Products

Complement your ad and maximize your visibility with our Yellow Pages Awareness Products.

White Pages Advertising

When customers know the name of your business, they'll look you up in the white pages. Many shoppers who use the white pages will also consult the yellow pages before they make a final purchase.

White pages advertising is especially effective for service-oriented businesses.

When advertising your business in the yellow pages, it's a good idea to keep all of your bases covered. Ask your Marketing Consultant for more information about White Pages Advertising.

Performance Tracking Program

Performance Tracking Program

Capture and track all of the calls generated by your online business listing with Dex Media's Performance Tracking Program.

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Stand out from your competitors with in-column and display ads.


In-column (or half-space) ads are placed alphabetically within the listings, but set apart from the rest with borders, distinctive fonts, graphics, and/or spot color. This format allows advertisers to include additional information about their business, their hours, or their products and services.

  • Repeat and referral consumers can find your business easily by name.
  • An in-column ad complements your display ad for consumers who may be searching alphabetically.
  • In-column ads allow you to effectively communicate the content and information that matters to your customers.
  • With an in-column ad, you stand out from the other listings.
  • Your customers look under a category, and your business is the one they see. In-column ads are the "original search engine."


Display ads come in a wide range of sizes, from a quarter-column to full and multi-page options, allowing you a greater degree of flexibility in design, color, type, and layout. Through the use of full-color photography and graphics, you can quickly grab the attention of your customers and deliver your message, along with your location, contact information, logos, and phone number. You even have room to describe your products and services, or to talk about your qualifications.

  • Display ads drive business your way. In fact, 67 percent of yellow pages users will reference at least one display ad during their search.1
  • An engaging display ad catches your customers' eyes first and gives them a reason to choose you!
  • The larger the ad, the more opportunity you have to educate, inform, and sell to consumers.
  • You can add a QR code to provide customers with a point of contact, or to drive them to your business website.
  1. LSA Local Media Tracking Study 2014, March 2015