Delivering Success to Small Businesses

Staying Ahead of the Curve

"We’re always getting better at what we do and one of the things that I appreciate very much about Dex Media is, ahead of the curve, they start saying, well, you might want to try this…We’ve had a lot of success and increased customers as a result of the things that [Dex Media] has brought to me."

- Dr. Randy Spencer, 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, Phoenix

Fine Tuning Success

“What [my Dex Media marketing consultant] brings really is a sense of trust. I know that she’s in tune with current marketing needs…If I did not have Dex Media, and I say this in all honesty, I don’t think I would have weathered these last four or five years nearly as well as I have.”

- Kevin Pettiette, Smokey’s Garage Door, Phoenix

Planning for Profit

"Dex Media came up with a marketing plan for us that has been very, very profitable. Before Dex Media, we were pretty much chasing our tail. Our Dex Media marketing consultant was able to focus our marketing on where we wanted to do our work. So now we get jobs within an hour away from our shop."

- Troy Brocco, Sure Kleen Restoration , Williamstown, NJ

Small-Business Friendly

"They are a friend to the small business owner who doesn’t want to hire someone, who doesn’t know who to trust, who doesn’t even know what they need. We were completely comfortable in handing [our marketing] over to Dex Media."

- Lisa Pogue, Cumberland Valley Tree Service, Chambersburg, PA

An Investment in Our Brand

"We have exceeded our [goals for] how many people are going to our website, staying on our website and also calling us… We’ve always viewed our relationship with Dex Media as an investment to keep us current in our community and to keep us relevant and our brand out there."

- Jennifer Annandono, Vlad Pediatrics, Cortland, OH